Police should in certain cases be able to intervene in the use of drones

Ministry of the Interior 26.6.2018 9.48
Press release 75/2018

The Ministry of the Interior is drafting legislation that would give the police greater powers to intervene in the use of model and other recreational aircraft and unmanned aircraft or drones. The draft government proposal was sent out for comments on 25 June.

"The police could intervene in the use of drones when this is necessary to maintain public order and security, for example. Such powers are also necessary to prevent offences and safeguard significant state events," says Minister of the Interior Kai Mykkänen.

The police could also forbid the use of drones at the scene of an accident to prevent drones equipped with cameras being used to take photos or videos of victims of the accident and/or to prevent the disturbance of the work of the authorities.

Unmanned aircraft systems have become very popular, and this has created new kinds of security threats. Inexperienced or reckless drone users may pose a risk to their environment. Drones can also be used for preparing or committing offences, such as covert filming or photography or industrial espionage. At the moment, the police have limited powers to intervene in such actions.

The police could, if necessary, intervene in the use of drones by using force or such technical equipment that helps to disturb the connection between the drone and its remote control system or to take over control of the drone remotely.

The aim is to submit the government proposal to Parliament in autumn 2018.

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