The structure of Home Affairs Funds will change and the budget increase substantially

Ministry of the Interior 23.8.2018 15.01
Press release 94/2018

e Government has submitted a communication to Parliament on proposals concerning Home Affairs Funds for the EU’s next financial programming period 2021–2027. In future, there would be three Funds instead of the existing two. In general, they would cover the fields of the current Home Affairs Funds, but their structure would be changed, because the aim is to simplify and reduce the number of financial instruments.

The European Commission issued a proposal concerning the new Funds on 12 and 13 June. The Commission proposes the establishment of the Asylum and Migration Fund (AMF), the Internal Security Fund (ISF) and the Integrated Border Management Fund (IBMF).

The Asylum and Migration Fund would mainly remain as it is, while the two financial instruments, the borders and visa instrument and the police cooperation instrument, which were earlier included in the Internal Security Fund, would be separated. In practice, the future Home Affairs Fund would cover the goals of the earlier police cooperation instrument. The border management and visa instrument would become part of the Integrated Border Management Fund together with the Customs Control Equipment Instrument.

Substantial increase in the budget of the Home Affairs Funds

The Commission proposes a total budget of approximately EUR 18.5 billion for the Home Affairs Funds for the period 2021–2027. According to the proposal, the funding of the Home Affairs Funds would increase substantially from the current financial framework period. The Funds would be implemented according to a shared governance model, in which some of the funding is directly targeted at the national programmes of the Member States and some is set aside for EU-level actions according to the Union’s priorities and for emergency funding.

Justice and home affairs are among the EU’s most quickly developing fields, which among other things is due to the increased number of asylum seekers in the last few years and the terrorist attacks that have occurred in Europe. These challenges are addressed in the Commission’s proposal for the Home Affairs Funds.

Finland broadly welcomes the changes

The Government takes a generally favourable view towards the Commission’s proposal concerning home affairs for the future financial programming period. It supports proposals for simplifying the funding system and for making the system administratively more flexible. The Government considers it important that the effectiveness of the funding programmes and the achievement of results are ensured and that the Funds can take sufficient account of the changing needs and situations of the Member States and third countries.

In the further preparation of proposals for regulations and based on further clarifications to be received from the Commission, the Government will specify its opinions concerning the administration of the Funds and the delegation of power, for instance.

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