Ministry of the Interior publishes report on the Finnish Security and Intelligence Service

27.4.2023 10.00
The Ministry of the Interior has published a report on the operation of the Finnish Security and Intelligence Service concerning Matti Saarelainen, who previously held high-level positions both at the Finnish Security and Intelligence Service and the Immigration Office. The Ministry has also drawn up a memorandum on the Immigration Office’s citizenship decisions concerning the Timchenko family.

Preliminary study on state monopoly system for gambling now ready

17.4.2023 10.16
The final report of the preliminary study on the monopoly for gambling activities was submitted to the Ministry of the Interior on 17 April 2023. The objective of the project, for which the Ministry of the Interior appointed a research group on 5 January 2023, was to describe the current state of affairs and map out alternative models for the gambling system to support political decision-making. 

Report: Finland’s cyber security must be developed systematically – cooperation of the authorities and processes require further improvement

11.4.2023 9.31
Cyber security threats have increased and diversified in recent years, calling for the continuous and systematic development of cyber security. A newly published report identifies several development measures that can improve the authorities’ capacity to protect national cyber security, combat serious cyber crime and develop cyber defence.

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