The Ministry of the Interior decided on the relocation of the Crisis Management Centre to Helsinki

6.7.2018 15.03
Crisis Management Centre Finland (CMC Finland) will be relocated from Kuopio to Helsinki. The Ministry of the Interior made a decision on the relocation on 5 July 2018. The Crisis Management Centre is one of the authorities involved in the implementation of foreign and security policy in Finland. Strengthening Finland’s position in international crisis management must be done in cooperation with our partners in comprehensive crisis management and other international partners. Helsinki provides best opportunities for achieving this.

The Crisis Management Centre will move to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and rescue training will be held in Kuopio

6.4.2018 13.30
The Crisis Management Centre (CMC Finland), operating in connection with the Emergency Services College, will move from Kuopio to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. On the other hand, rescue education will be provided in Kuopio when the operation of the Helsinki Rescue School will cease in connection with the regional government reform. In the future, all rescuers will be trained in Kuopio. Education and recruiting related to international rescue services will also be moved to the Emergency Services College.

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Recruitment procedure for civilian crisis management experts to be reformed

2.9.2021 14.49
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The recruitment procedure for civilian crisis management experts to be sent abroad will be developed. The Government submitted a legislative proposal on the matter to Parliament on 2 September. The aim is for Finland to have at its disposal a sufficiently large, diverse and competent group of experts for civilian crisis management tasks.

Amendment of the Civilian Crisis Management Act strengthens the role of the Crisis Management Centre Finland

4.10.2018 13.58
The operating conditions of the Crisis Management Centre Finland (CMC Finland) will be strengthened and the rights and responsibilities of experts deployed abroad will be clarified. On 4 October, the Government submitted a proposal to Parliament on the amendment of the Acts concerning civilian crisis management. The intention is for the amendments to enter into force on 1 January 2019.

Crisis management at the centre of world politics

19.6.2018 9.20
The conflict between Palestine and Israel has continued for 70 years. The EUPOL COPPS civilian crisis management mission works to put to rest the long-lasting crisis and achieve basic security in the region. The Palestinian question was created by people, and people can also resolve it.

Promoting equality is an essential part of civilian crisis management for Finland

4.5.2018 7.00
Finland is known around the world as a country with strong expertise in crisis management. Nearly half of the Finnish civilian crisis management experts come from the Ministry of the Interior’s branch of government. The strength of Finnish crisis management is the work done to promote the equality and the integrated approach, in other words cooperation between different parties in stabilising conflict-affected countries.