Authorities to investigate case of man convicted in Iraq

4.10.2023 13.37
Minister of Justice Leena Meri and Minister of the Interior Mari Rantanen have discussed the case of a man sentenced to death in Iraq who has since resided in Finland. The case has been covered recently by the media.

Ministry of the Interior to prepare amendments to provisions on detention and entry bans in the Aliens Act

2.10.2023 12.51
The Ministry of the Interior's project will examine the provisions on detention and entry bans in the Aliens Act. The aim is to tighten the Aliens Act in accordance with the set of measures related to voluntary return and departure laid down in the Government Programme.

Temporary protection for Ukrainians to continue in the EU

28.9.2023 18.04
At their meeting on 28 September, EU home affairs ministers decided to continue the temporary protection for people fleeing Ukraine in the EU. Based on an earlier decision, the EU Member States were obliged to provide temporary protection to refugees from Ukraine until 4 March 2024. In accordance with the new decision, protection will continue until 2025.

The Ministry for internal security and migration

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