Finland sends one thousand maternity packages to Ukraine

28.3.2023 9.02
Russia has destroyed people's homes and healthcare infrastructure in Ukraine. There is a great need for assistance in Ukraine. Since March 2022, Finland has provided Ukraine with necessary civilian material assistance. Most recently, Finland has sent, for example, one thousand maternity packages to Ukraine in February and March 2023. 

Pekka Kokkonen appointed as Senior Police Coordinator of UN Assistance Mission in Somalia

24.3.2023 14.08
Superintendent Pekka Kokkonen, Head of the Police Dog Training Centre of the Police University College, has been appointed to serve as Senior Police Coordinator in the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM).

Responsibility for smoke detectors to be transferred from the resident to the owner of the building

23.3.2023 14.36
Several amendments will made to the Rescue Act and the Act on the Emergency Services Academy. For example, the obligation to purchase and maintain smoke detectors in apartments will be transferred from the residents to the owner of the building from the beginning of 2026.

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