The Ministry of the Interior guides and directs the police service, and prepares related legislation. The purpose of police work is to ensure the safety of people and the environment. The National Police Board guides and directs operational police activities. The local police force consists of 11 police departments.

  • Government Programme measures in the police sector »

    The Government Programme aims to strengthen security and society's resilience.

  • Crime in Finland »

    More than half a million crimes and violations are recorded by the Finnish police every year.

  • Organised crime »

    In Finland, organised crime groups are involved in narcotics offences in particular, but they have also expanded their activities to the construction, cleaning and restaurant sectors.

  • Counter-terrorism »

    With respect to counter-terrorism, Finland’s operating environment is changing rapidly and the threat posed by terrorism has become more varied.

  • Violent radicalisation »

    Violent radicalisation refers to justifying violence based on one’s own view of the world, or on ideological grounds.

  • Hate crime »

    Hate crime has been defined as a crime against a person, group, a person’s property, institution, or a representative of these, motivated by prejudice or hostility towards the victim’s real or perceived characteristic.

  • Human trafficking »

    In human trafficking, victims are subjugated usually for the purpose of commercial exploitation.

  • Economic crime and the shadow economy »

    Tax fraud is the most common economic crime. Economic crime and the shadow economy cause major economic damage.

  • Cybercrime »

    Cybercrime refers to crimes in which perpetrators commit attacks against, or make use of, information technology or information networks.

  • Firearms »

    Finland is a country of hunters and gun enthusiasts. There are over 1.5 million licensed firearms and more than 600,000 licence holders in the country.

  • Gambling »

    Gambling profits support activities that are in the public interest. Gambling activities are operated by the state-controlled company Veikkaus Ltd.

  • Fundraising »

    In Finland, fundraising is subject to a permit. Non-profit corporations or foundations engaged in activities that are in the public interest can be granted a permit to finance.

  • Public order and security »

    The duty of the police is to maintain public order and security. The purpose of police work is to ensure the safety of people and the environment.

  • Private security sector »

    The powers of guards and security stewards are laid down in the Private Security Services Act.

  • Agencies and responsibilities »

    Police agencies include the National Police Board, local police departments, the National Bureau of Investigation, the Police University College and the Finnish Security Intelligence Service.