Accident prevention is a joint effort

Accident prevention is the responsibility of the rescue services. Accident prevention refers to measures intended to decrease the likelihood of accidents and mitigate the amount of damage caused.

Accident prevention is a key task of rescue departments. Rescue departments prevent accidents by steering, advising and educating citizens, entrepreneurs and others operating in the same field. Rescue authorities also supervise the safety of buildings and various activities, through fire inspections and supervisory visits. This work involves cooperation with other local authorities and communities, and local residents.

Everyone can prevent accidents

The Rescue Act imposes general duties on all of us. These include:

  • the general duty to act,
  • the duty of care and
  • the duty to take care when handling fire.

Successful rescue operations require that those who have witnessed an accident know what to do and are able to take the right measures before the rescue services arrive at the scene. Many accidents and the damage caused by them can be prevented or limited by simple measures.

Everyone must observe the provisions on fire safety laid down in the Rescue Act. Fire and other hazardous substances must be handled with particular care. Precautions must be taken to prevent dangerous situations, as this will stop fires from breaking out. In addition, in the event of danger, each resident is obliged to make an emergency call, warn those in danger and perform rescue measures to the best of their abilities.