Departments and units

Police Department

The Police Department deals with matters concerning the police administration under the National Police Board, combating crime, public order and security, licencing, gambling policy, the private security sector and international affairs that concern the police.

The Police Department drafts legislation concerning the police. The Department is responsible for the performance management of the National Police Board.

The Police Department is headed by Director General Tomi Vuori.

Departmental units:

  • Legislative Affairs
  • International and EU Affairs
  • Police Operations Coordination

Department for Rescue Services

The Department for Rescue Services guides and directs rescue services and maintains oversight of their coverage and quality, has charge of the organisation of rescue services at national level, and coordinates the activities of various ministries and sectors in the field of rescue services and their development. The Department also decides on providing international assistance in this field.

Additionally, it drafts legislation on rescue services and emergency response centre operations.

The Department is responsible for the performance management of the Emergency Services Academy Finland, and is jointly responsible for the performance management of the Emergency Response Centre Administration together with the Police Department and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The Fire Protection Fund operating under the auspices of the Department for Rescue Services grants assistance for projects to improve fire prevention and rescue operations.

The Department for Rescue Services is headed by Director General Kimmo Kohvakka.

Departmental units:

  • Rescue Services and Emergency Response Centre Operations
  • Civil Emergency Preparedness
  • Strategy and Coordination
  • Legal Affairs
  • EU and International Affairs

Border Guard Department

The Border Guard Headquarters operates as the Ministry’s Border Guard Department. The Department deals with matters concerning border control, border checks, maritime search and rescue, combating crime, and participation in military defence. It also drafts related legislation.

The Department is headed by Rear Admiral Markku Hassinen, Deputy Chief of the Border Guard.

Divisions of the Border Guard Department:

  • Personnel Division
  • Border and Coast Guard Division
  • Technical Division
  • Legal Division

Migration Department

The Migration Department is responsible for formulating Finland’s migration policy and for drafting legislation on migration and citizenship. The Department is also responsible for the performance management of the Finnish Immigration Service and for ensuring that the Immigration Service carries out its duties effectively.

The Migration Department is headed by Director General Minna Hulkkonen.

Departmental units:

  • Legal Affairs
  • Migration Policy
  • Development and Steering

Administration and Development Department

The following functions are centralised in the Administration and Development Department: strategic planning of operations and finances, research and development, human resources administration and recruitment, common information management duties in the administrative branch, guidance of procurement, improving the oversight of legality and quality in law drafting, tasks and duties concerning legal matters, and a range of other administrative duties.

The Administration and Development Department is headed by Director of Finance Jukka Aalto.

Departmental units:

  • Human Resources and Administration
  • Strategic Steering and Development
  • Legal Services
  • Finance
  • Information Management

International Affairs Unit

The Ministry of the Interior is engaged in ongoing cooperation with other countries and international organisations. The Ministry's international activities are coordinated by the International Affairs Unit. In addition, the Unit develops and coordinates domestic capacity building for civilian crisis management, and manages the European Union’s Home Affairs Funds in Finland.

The International Affairs Unit is headed by Director General Laura Yli-Vakkuri.

The International Affairs Unit consists of:

  • EU and International Affairs and Civilian Crisis Management
  • European Union Home Affairs Funds

National Security Unit

The National Security Unit deals with matters concerning national security and civil intelligence, as well as preparedness, contingency planning, organisational security and risk management. The Unit also coordinates hybrid and cyber issues. Additionally, the National Security Unit monitors, coordinates and develops these matters in collaboration with other operators. The Unit is responsible for the performance management of the Finnish Security Intelligence Service.

The National Security Unit is headed by Director Petri Knape.

Communications Unit

The Communications Unit manages, develops and executes communications to support the management, departments and public officials.

The Communications Unit is headed by Director Eriikka Koistinen.

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Unit provides the management with independent information on internal control and risk management at the Ministry and its branch of government, as well as information on whether their operations are consistent with the objectives.

The Internal Audit Unit is headed by Director Tommi Viljanen.