Ministry of the Interior is responsible employer

Our motivated and competent employees work to ensure that Finland is safe and secure in all situations. The Ministry of the Interior takes a responsible and inclusive approach to management.

Equality and non-discrimination are essential values to us. We invite job applications from persons representing different backgrounds, age groups and genders. The Ministry of the Interior is an accessible workplace.

What responsibility means to us

  • We are committed to promoting equality and non-discrimination among our staff. The Ministry regularly monitors the state of equality and non-discrimination in the Ministry and has in place an equality and non-discrimination plan.
  • We are constantly improving our management. Our supervisors and managers receive management training and support. 
  • We involve our staff in the decision-making and the development of our working methods. We also frequently carry out employee satisfaction surveys and organise staff events.

Our values

Transparent and straightforward
The goal of our work is to ensure the safety of people and the environment. This is the guiding principle in everything we do, and it is supported by open, reliable and timely communication.

Fair-minded and trustworthy
Our activities are guided by strong expertise. We act fairly and reliably in all situations. We promote equality and non-discrimination in all our activities.

Strong together
A safe Finland is built together. We appreciate the contribution of all those working in the field of security and safety – we listen, discuss and provide a shared picture of the situation. This is the only way we can form a strong foundation for Finland's security and safety.