Rescue services

The Ministry of the Interior guides and directs emergency response centre operations, and prepares related legislation. The aim is to build a safe and crisis-resilient Finland. There are 21 regional rescue departments in Finland, which carry out rescue service duties in their regions.

  • Rescue operations »

    Rescue departments provide urgent help in the event of an accident or in the event of a potential hazard.

  • Accident prevention »

    Rescue departments prevent accidents by steering, advising and educating citizens, entrepreneurs and others operating in the same field.

  • Preparedness »

    The aim with preparedness is to secure the disruption-free functioning of society, even in times of crisis.

  • International operations of the rescue services »

    International cooperation with the European Union, United Nations, NATO, the Nordic countries and other neighbouring countries is part of the daily work of the rescue services.

  • Strategy »

    The work of the rescue services and the ongoing rescue service reform are guided by the Rescue Services Strategy. The vision of the Strategy is ‘A safe and resilient Finland – through cooperation’.

  • Rescue service agencies and responsibilities »

    Rescue departments carry out rescue service duties in their respective regions. Contract fire brigades also participate in performing rescue service duties as agreed between the brigades and the rescue department.