Traineeships at the Ministry of the Interior

Each year, we employ several trainees from universities and universities of applied sciences in a variety of tasks. A traineeship offers a good opportunity for students to get to know the central government, and may open doors for career paths in the government.

The duration of the traineeship is six months for students at universities of applied sciences and three months for university students. Trainees are degree students who have not yet graduated. 
Our trainees enjoy many of the same benefits as other ministry employees, such as comprehensive occupational healthcare services and sports and culture vouchers. 

How to apply for a traineeship

The recruitment for our traineeships usually starts at the beginning of the year or in spring. The starting times of the traineeships vary.

We recruit trainees centrally through a public application procedure

  • traineeships for students at universities of applied sciences are advertised on the JobTeaser job portals (Haaga-Helia, Metropolia, Laurea and Arcada)
  • traineeships for university students are advertised in the Aarresaari Network (via JobTeaser and Valojobs job portals). 

We also post our available traineeships on the Ministry of the Interior’s LinkedIn page.

The Ministry of the Interior conducts a security clearance on the persons proposed for the traineeship with their consent. 

Traineeship salary

The Ministry of the Interior offers only paid traineeships. In 2024, the Government’s traineeship salary was EUR 1,632 per month for university students and EUR 1,530 per month for students at universities of applied sciences. The traineeships are normally full-time positions. Trainees are not required to have funding for the traineeship from a university.