The Government prepared a report on security

The Government gives Parliament reports
on important issues.
One important issue is Finland's internal security.

This year the Government wrote a new
report on internal security.
The main points of the report are listed below.

Internal security means that
people can feel safe and secure
in their daily lives.
Accidents and crime reduce security.
The police, emergency response centres, rescue workers,
border guards and other authorities
work together to protect people in their daily lives.

Finland is already a safe country
for most people.
However, Finland needs to be made even safer.
People must get help quickly everywhere in Finland.
All people need to be safe.
All people are equal and
everyone has the same rights.

The work of the authorities is only a small part of security.
Work, education and the chance to participate in society
are part of safe daily life.
Health and wellbeing, too, improve security.

Some of the things that affect security
concern the whole world.
That is why it is important that Finland work
together with other countries.
Climate change, poverty and wars
are problems that are common for all countries.
Electricity and computer networks are needed everywhere. 
Without them, society does not function properly.

New technology and skilled workers
are important parts of security.
This requires money.
Money can buy equipment
and hire enough workers.

Next, Parliament, that is members of Parliament,
will discuss the report.
Parliament decides if Finland will put into practice
the proposals listed in the report.
Parliament decides on funding, too.
Once the decision is ready,
the authorities will start to put the decisions into practice.