Sentimentti data tool

The Sentimentti data tool provides security authorities with a comprehensive multidisciplinary method for analysing, anticipating and monitoring people's sense of safety and security.

Sentimentti consists of periodic population data collection and a mixed-method analysis:

  • Sentimentti sample data (n=5011) was collected between 1 and 12 April 2021 using Norstat’s online panel. Insight360 (now Taloustutkimus) then analysed and modelled the data.
  • During 2022, a Taloustutkimus online panel was used for three supplementary samplings. The first sampling was carried out in March (n=870), the second in May (n=884) and the third in October (n=850).
  • The fifth and latest sampling was carried out between 29 September and 11 October 2023 using a Taloustutkimus online panel (n=3179). 

Through statistical methods, Sentimentti provides an opportunity to combine different data sets and geospatial data. 

The user interface will be continuously developed to allow security authorities examine data sources in a geographical design and analyse comprehensive population data at levels that go deeper than the average values.

Background for Sentimentti 

The Ministry of the Interior and its administrative branch have drawn up a joint strategy to ensure that the sense of safety and security remains high among all population groups in Finland. This objective needs to be achieved in cooperation with stakeholders by planning and implementing measures that are as effective as possible. The Ministry has developed Sentimentti together with Taloustutkimus to help achieve this objective.


Sini Erholtz, Senior Specialist 
Ministry of the Interior, Hallinto- ja kehittämisosasto, Strategia- ja kehittämisyksikkö Telephone:0295488439   Email Address: