The Ministry of the Interior is the ministry for internal security

The Ministry’s vision is a safe and secure society in all situations.

Our objective is to keep people, property and the environment safe and for all people to live safe everyday lives without crime, accidents or other disruptions. To make this possible, the authorities need to be able to prevent as many crimes and accidents as possible and to provide assistance in emergencies quickly and effectively.

Many agencies are responsible for contributing to internal security. However, the administrative branch of the Ministry of the Interior is responsible for core tasks related to security in times of peace. Every day of the year, the police, border guards, emergency response centre officers, rescue services personnel and immigration officials help make sure that society remains safe and secure.

We work together with all security sector actors to prepare for threats to national security, for example through effective civilian intelligence.

The Government Programme and the joint strategy for the Ministry of the Interior’s administrative branch guide the Ministry in its work to achieve this goal.

The Ministry of the Interior prepares legislation and guides its branch of government

The Ministry’s three key duties are:

  • preparing legislation concerning the police, rescue services, emergency response centre operations, border control, maritime search and rescue, and migration
  • managing the performance of agencies and institutions in the Ministry’s branch of government, and
  • dealing with international and EU affairs that fall within its remit.

The Ministry of the Interior prepares proposals for internal security appropriations in the Government’s annual budget. The Ministry of the Interior employs research and development staff and officials responsible for oversight of legality in the Ministry’s branch of government. The Ministry also deals with matters concerning the flag and arms of Finland.

The Ministry of the Interior coordinates cross-administrative internal security cooperation with other ministries, NGOs and municipalities.

As the ministry for internal security, the Ministry of the Interior also has many tasks related to national security, preparedness planning and preparedness for various incidents and emergencies.

Values of the Ministry of the Interior

The Ministry's activities are guided by three values:
•    transparent and straightforward
•    fair-minded and trustworthy
•    strong together.