The Finnish Border Guard is responsible for border management

The main duties of the Border Guard are:

  • surveillance of the country’s land and maritime borders
  • conducting of border checks on persons at land border crossings, ports and airports
  • carrying out of rescue operations particularly at sea.

The aim is to keep Finland’s borders safe and secure.

The Border Guard also performs police duties and is responsible for customs control at border crossing points not manned by customs officials. At sea the Border Guard cooperates with the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, the Finnish Defence Forces and environmental authorities.

The Border Guard protects Finnish sovereignty in cooperation with the Finnish Defence Forces. Patrolling the land and maritime borders also safeguards territorial integrity. The Border Guard trains conscripts, maintains readiness to deal with crises and promotes defence capability in cooperation with other authorities. The Border Guard's operations deal with both Finland's internal and external security.

Close international cooperation

Finnish authorities are constantly in contact with their international border guard counterparts in neighbouring countries, EU Member States and Schengen countries as well as in countries applying for EU membership. Frontex – the European Border and Coast Guard Agency – is an important international partner. Maritime and arctic forums of cooperation are an equally important part of the international activities of the Border Guard.


Jorma Turunen, Border Management Expert, tel. +358 295 421 170, [email protected]