Expatriate Finns are Finnish citizens who live permanently outside Finland

Expatriate Finns are Finnish citizens or people of Finnish origin who live permanently outside Finland. There are over 1.6 million Finns living as expats abroad. Most live in Sweden, the United States and Canada. Approximately 300,000 of these people are Finnish citizens.

Expatriate Finns share characteristics such as an awareness of their Finnish background and roots, the intention of preserving their Finnish identity and the need to maintain contacts with Finland.

Most expatriate Finns who decide to move to Finland come from European Union countries. The majority of Finns moving abroad go to EU countries.

Finnish Expatriate Parliament acts as a link between the Government and expatriates

The Ministry of the Interior is coordinating the preparation of the Government's Policy Programme for Expatriate Finns. The duration of the programme is five years. A number of ministries, the Finland Society and the Finnish Expatriate Parliament participated in drafting the programme.

The Finland Society has been the link between expatriate Finns and Finland for more than 90 years. It acts as the secretariat of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament. Every few years, the Finnish Expatriate Parliament collects proposals and wishes from expatriate Finns and submits them to the Finnish Government .