Strategy guides rescue services development

The work of the rescue services and the ongoing rescue service reform are guided by the Rescue Services Strategy. The vision of the Strategy is ‘A safe and resilient Finland – through cooperation’. The Strategy covers the years 2016–2025.

A safe and resilient Finland - Rescue Services Strategy 2025 | SM 20/2016

We will enhance the safety of society under all circumstances – even emergency conditions – in collaboration with other actors, and remain close to people:

  • by reducing the number of accidents
  • by maintaining responsibility for the rescue operations
  • by participating in the maintenance and development of civil emergency preparedness
  • by limiting the consequences of accidents under all circumstances and by making more effective use of the rescue services’ preparedness in society, and
  • by providing first response and emergency medical services as agreed with health services.

The national targets for the rescue services for 2025

  1. The rescue services have an overall picture of the risks in society, based on continuous analysis.
  2. The rescue services are prepared to meet the risks within their own area of operation.
  3. The rescue services are a strong coordinator of civil emergency preparedness and a trusted partner.
  4. Services have been arranged in a high standard, cost-effective and consistent manner.
  5. We are all aware of, and take responsibility for our own and our community’s safety and the safety of the surrounding areas.
  6. The rescue services actively develop their practices and procedures.
  7. Personnel’s well-being at work is a priority.