Strategic objectives for the organisation of rescue services

The Government confirms national strategic objectives for the organisation of rescue services every four years.

These objectives take into account national, regional and local needs and the risk of incidents and accidents. The purpose of the objectives is to ensure that rescue services are organised cost-effectively, consistently and to a high standard. 

National strategic objectives for rescue services 2023–2026

Objective 1: The level and standard of rescue services are secured equally and to a high standard at both national and regional level.

Objective 2: The rescue services have sufficient personnel resources and they are skilled and healthy.

Objective 3: The rescue services’ approach to the prevention of incidents and accidents is risk-based, consistent and effective.

Objective 4: The rescue services have the capability to react immediately and systematically to all kinds of security threats as well as the ability to maintain rescue services as a local service that ensures safety and security.

Objective 5: The regional and national readiness and preparedness of the rescue services make it possible to protect the public in all circumstances.

Objective 6: The international activities of the rescue services are active, systematic and linked to the national structures of the rescue services.

Objective 7: National planning, implementation and development of services and duties are based on knowledge-based management and harmonised information management.

Objective 8: The rescue services’ investments support the effectiveness of service provision.

Objective 9: The management and guidance system for the rescue services is clear.