Proposals for flag days and the processing of proposals by the Ministry

When proposing new flag days, citizens should bear in mind that they are entitled to fly the flag if they so desire. All citizens have the right to fly the national flag, if there is a reason for doing so, even on dates not stated in the calendar. Only at night it is absolutely prohibited to fly the flag. When flying the flag, citizens must comply with the prescribed times.

Proposing new flag days

Each year, the Ministry of the Interior receives proposals for new flag days in relation to a number of worthy causes. In most cases, proposals for new flag days have taken a long time to process, as the Ministry considers whether there is a need to create a new flag day.

When considering the matter, the Ministry seeks to take account of the position adopted by the Committee on the Finnish Flag in the 1970s, based on which themes for new flag days should be acceptable to as many citizens as possible, in order to make flag flying seem natural. In addition, to avoid excessive flag flying and rising costs, there should not be too many flag days.

Well-grounded proposals for flag days may be submitted to the Ministry's Registry.

From a proposal to a national flag day in the calendar

The process of having a flag day added to the calendar often begins with the Ministry recommending annual flag flying, as in the case of the birthdays of Minna Canth and Jean Sibelius, and latterly for the Day of Children's Rights. For instance, a recommendation for flying the flag on Sibelius's birthday was given in 2005 and the day was entered into the calendar in 2011. In 2015, the Ministry proposed that the Day of Children’s Rights be entered in the calendar as a flag day. The Day of Children’s Rights will be in the calendar for the first time in 2020.