Submissions for consideration by the Ministry

If you have a proposal, enquiry or other business you would like the Ministry of the Interior to review, you can submit it to the Ministry for consideration.

You can do this by bringing the relevant documents to the Registry of the Ministry of the Interior. You can also make a submission to the Ministry by online form, letter, e-mail or phone. Submissions may be made anonymously.

The request must specify any actions to be taken and the reasons for them. The date of submission is reckoned as being the date when the Ministry receives the request.

If you have made a submission by online form, you will receive a reply to your e-mail. In the reply, the Registry will send you a case number and request further information, if necessary. You should not use the online form to send any sensitive information, such as your personal identity code, as the network connection is not secure.

You may ask the Registry about progress in the processing of your submission.

Submissions are logged in our case management system. The system includes such information as the case number, the date of submission, the case status and the responsible person. The relevant documents will also be entered in the system.

If you do not want to make a submission, but want to give general feedback instead, please use the Ministry's feedback form.