First-aid fire extinguishing equipment is for extinguishing incipient-stage fires

First-aid extinguishing equipment includes

  • portable fire extinguishers,
  • fire blankets,
  • mobile fire extinguishing trolleys,
  • fire hose reels for fixed installation in buildings, and
  • other hand-held portable products designed for incipient-stage fires.

In accordance with the self-preparedness obligation laid down in the Rescue Act, buildings and public events must prepare for extinguishing fires. The determination and procurement of the necessary first-aid fire extinguishing equipment are the responsibility of the owner, occupant and operator of the building. Provisions on fire extinguishing have also been laid down in, for example, regulations concerning occupational safety and chemical safety.

Portable fire extinguishers must be maintained and inspected

The obligation to inspect and maintain portable fire extinguishers applies to the so-called mandatory fire extinguishers in buildings. Portable fire extinguishers located in dry environments with little temperature variation are inspected every two years, while portable fire extinguishers in other placement locations are inspected annually. 

Companies that sell portable fire extinguishers carry out inspections and maintenance. Portable fire extinguishers must also undergo a periodic inspection once every 11 years in accordance with the regulation concerning pressure equipment.