The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for drafting legislation on migration. It also guides and develops the immigration administration, and is responsible for the performance management of the Finnish Immigration Service. The aim is to ensure that immigration is well-managed and socially sustainable, and to make Finland a safe country.

  • Government Programme measures to reform migration policy »

    The Government Programme’s objective is to reform Finland’s migration policy so that it offers assistance to the most vulnerable people and prevents abuse of the system.

  • Agencies and responsibilities »

    The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for formulating Finland’s migration policy and for drafting legislation on migration and citizenship.

  • Migration and asylum policy »

    Finnish migration policy is based on Government objectives, EU legislation and international agreements.

  • Refugees and asylum seekers »

    An asylum seeker is a person who seeks asylum and the right to reside in a foreign nation. A refugee is someone who has been granted asylum or arrives in Finland as a quota refugee.

  • Common EU asylum system »

    The EU continues its determined efforts to create a uniform and well-functioning asylum system.

  • Voluntary and forced return »

    Assistance with voluntary return may cover the costs of the return trip and financial assistance, in order to enable the returning immigrant to start a new life in the home country.

  • Labour migration »

    Finland develops labour migration legislation in order to better meet demand for labour in Finland.

  • Nationality »

    Finnish citizenship can be acquired by birth, on the basis of the parents’ citizenship, by application or by declaration.

  • Combating irregular entry and stay »

    The authorities cooperate in combating irregular entry and stay, human trafficking and other cross-border crime.