National risk assessment

Finland’s national risk assessment is prepared every three years. The risk assessment identifies the various risks threatening people, the environment, property and critical systems and services that the authorities need to prepare for in all their activities.

The national risk assessment is based on the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism, which obliges all Member States to regularly assess risks that may create the need to request civil protection assistance from other Member States.

When the Security Strategy for Society was updated in 2017, it was decided that the national risk assessment should be expanded to better serve preparedness and contingency planning. In future, the risk assessment will cover all the threat scenarios presented in the Security Strategy for Society. Risks will also be assessed from the perspective of climate change adaptation.

The national risk assessment also serves as a basis for regional risk assessments. In future, regional-level preparedness planning will be based on the national risk assessment, which will take account of the characteristics of the regions.

National Risk Assessment 2018

Security Strategy for Society

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