National risk assessment

Finland’s national risk assessment is prepared at regular intervals. The purpose of the national risk assessment is to anticipate relatively sudden incidents potentially targeted at Finland that require the authorities to adopt exceptional measures or even request help from other countries The national risk assessment identifies risks that have a wide national impact and assesses their impact on the vital functions of society.

The national risk assessment is underpinned by the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism, which obliges all Member States to develop their risk assessment at national and local level and to submit a summary of the key elements of the risk assessment to the Commission every three years.

Prepared in broad-based cross-sectoral cooperation, the risk assessment is linked with national preparedness and lays the foundation for preparedness in line with the Security Strategy for Society. Different branches of administration identified threat scenarios and disruptions that impact the vital functions of society at the national level. The risk assessment includes consistently structured verbal descriptions of these threat scenarios and disruptions. 

The national risk assessment and regional assessments add up to a national system

Regional risk assessments, which pay closer attention to the threats or incidents specific to each region, are prepared simultaneously with the national risk assessment. The aim is that the national and regional risk assessments form a national joint risk assessment system for different operators.

National Risk Assessment 2023

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