Smoke detectors and other fire safety equipment 

Fire safety equipment in buildings includes

  • smoke detectors,
  • fire detectors,
  • automatic fire extinguishing systems,
  • smoke extraction equipment, and 
  • various items of first-aid fire extinguishing equipment.

Fire safety equipment is required to be, for example, suitable for its intended purpose and reliable in operation. 

Most of the requirements for fire safety products come from European standards. There are national regulations on the installation, maintenance and inspections of fire detectors and automatic fire extinguishing systems. In addition, inspection and maintenance work on portable fire extinguishers has been provided for. 

Regulatory reform under way 

The regulation of fire safety equipment is currently being reformed. The current Act on Rescue Services Equipment (10/2007) will be replaced by a new Act on Certain Fire Safety Equipment. The need to amend decrees issued on the basis of the current act will be assessed at the same time. Technical requirements for prefabricated fireplaces and civil defence shelter equipment will also be laid down in the same legislative context.