Preparedness is the key for the rescue services

The Ministry of the Interior coordinates the preparedness of rescue services in Finland. Preparedness refers to preparing in advance for major accidents, crises and even war.

By preparing, the authorities seek to prevent hazardous situations and prepare themselves to operate in times of crisis. The aim is to secure the disruption-free functioning of society, even in times of crisis.

Rescue departments have an important role in preparing for major accidents and incidents. Rescue authorities provide overall leadership in rescue situations due to storms and floods, and provide support for other authorities. Rescue departments may support the preparedness planning of municipalities in their area.

Emergency planning by individuals forms part of society's resilience

Every person should be prepared for all types of emergencies, such as disruptions to the electricity supply or telecommunications connections. Emergency planning by individuals assists the authorities in times of crisis, since resources do not suffice to help all of those who need help, and must be allocated to the most urgent cases.

In Finland, non-governmental organisations also play an important role in ensuring preparedness and handling a number of emergencies.