Describing the Finnish flag

The Act on the Flag of Finland does not specify the materials that should be used for the emblem, so any piece (such as a sticker) with a pattern that has the prescribed colours and dimensions is considered the Finnish flag.

A flag used as the Finnish flag must always have the correct colours and dimensions.

No signs or symbols should be added to the Finnish flag and no flags with colours and dimensions differing substantially from those prescribed in the law should be offered for sale.

The Act on the Flag of Finland also stipulates that anyone damaging the flag, treating it disrespectfully, removing it from its proper place without permission or selling Finnish flags with incorrect colours or dimensions, can be punished with a fine.

Downloadable Finnish flag pdf

Dimensions of the Finnish flag

The Finnish flag displays a blue cross on a white field.

The national flag is rectangular and has the following dimensions:

  • height 11 and width 18 units of measurement
  • each arm of the blue cross has a width of 3 units
  • each canton has a height of 4 units; the cantons in the hoist have a length of 5 units and those in the fly, 10 units

The rectangular state flag differs from the national flag in that it displays the national arms with gold fimbriation in the centre square. The fimbriation should be 1/40 of the width of the cross.

Authorities with the right to use the state flag are listed under section 5 of the Act on the Flag of Finland. Because the state flag is a symbol of the State, private individuals cannot be granted permission to fly it.

The state flag with three points is one unit wider than the rectangular state flag so that the length of the cantons in the fly is 6 units and that of each point 5 units. The point in the middle should be isosceles, with the arm of the cross as the base. The upper and lower edges of the flag should be straight for their full length.

The height of the flag should be about one sixth of the height of the flagpole.

Colours of the Finnish flag

The following PMS colours should be used: blue 294C, red 186C and yellow 123C

The PMS colours used in the Finnish flag are specified in Government decision 827/93.