Government Programme measures in the police sector

The Government Programme aims to strengthen security and society's resilience. Police presence will be secured throughout the country.

The Government will step up the combating of crime to improve people’s safety and security. The Ministry of the Interior is preparing legislation on criminal intelligence activities by the police. In addition, obstacles to the exchange of information between the authorities in the combating of crime will be removed. Improving the use of biometric data in the combating of crime will also be assessed. 

Effective measures will be taken to combat organised crime, terrorism, violent radicalisation and extremism.  Efficient cooperation between the authorities and exchange of information play key roles in combating serious crime and identifying new threats.

One of the objectives of the Government Programme is to combat the rise in youth and street gang crime. The Government will take a wide range of hard and soft measures to resolve the issue. One of them is a joint action plan which was prepared under the leadership of the Ministry of Justice.

The number of police officers will be gradually increased to 8,000 person-years during the government term. The increase will be made to operational police work. The Government will secure the resources of the police in a way that is predictable, takes a long-term view and improves the ability of the police to plan long-term operations. The need to reform police training will be examined and it will be ensured that there will also be a sufficient number of suitable applicants available for police training in the coming years.

Preparedness and readiness will be improved, for example, by introducing a police reserve to support the police in the event of serious incidents and in emergency conditions.

Schedule and objectives of projects related to the police sector

This table presents the Government’s key projects related to the police, their schedule and objectives

Measure Schedule Objective
Legislative project on police criminal intelligence activities Government proposal in spring 2026 Prepare provisions on criminal intelligence activities by the police, and improve the possibilities of the police to obtain information on threats to internal security.
Amending the regulation of the exchange of information by the police Government proposal in spring 2026 Remove obstacles to the exchange of information in the combating of crime.
Use of biometric data in the combating of crime Government proposal in spring 2025 Assess and improve the use of biometric data with the aim of stepping up the combating of crime.
Action plan for the prevention of violent radicalisation and extremism Action plan to be completed in autumn 2024, monitoring throughout the government term Set out the key measures to be taken in Finland to prevent violent radicalisation and extremism.
Review of the network of police premises and functions Second phase of the project to end in summer 2024 Draw up a maximum of three alternative models for the network of police premises and functions.
Legislative project on the reform of the gambling system Government proposal scheduled to be submitted to the Parliament during the 2025 spring session Introduce a licence system for gambling in accordance with the Government Programme.
Safeguarding the activities of shooting ranges The project will run from 1 June 2024 to 30 September 2025. The project aims to safeguard the activities of existing shooting ranges and promote the establishment of new shooting ranges.