Joint Strategy for the Ministry of the Interior’s Administrative Branch: A safe and secure society in all situations

The Joint Strategy of the Ministry of the Interior guides and steers all decision-making in the Ministry and its administrative branch. Extending until 2031, it defines the most important long-term societal impact goals for the Ministry of the Interior and its administrative branch as well as the principles and policies observed in moving towards the goals. 

Societal impact goals of the Joint Strategy

  1. Good accessibility of urgent services provided by the authorities. 
  2. Decrease in violence and accidents. Preventing gang crime and organised crime from gaining a foothold in Finnish society.
  3. Preventing immigration to Finland from posing any security threat and ensuring that our immigration system is not amenable to abuses. Efficient management of voluntary departures and removals from Finland.
  4. Ensuring that individuals, authorities, businesses and society are well prepared against malicious external influence as well as various kinds of crises and incidents. 
  5. The people trust in the security authorities. 

The societal impact goals of the Strategy describe a measurable state of society which the Ministry of the Interior’s branch of government strives to reach through its activities. Our work is guided by the principles defined in the Strategy. 

Our work is effective. Statutory as well as other duties are guided, managed and prioritised in such a way that they serve the societal impact goals efficiently and verifiably. Our efforts are based on knowledge that makes the situation picture and the effectiveness of our activities visible and facilitates prioritisation. 

We safeguard national security. We anticipate and identify various vulnerabilities in society and prepare against threats. The vital functions of society and its ability to counter malicious external influence are safeguarded in all situations in close cooperation with the other branches of government. Self-preparedness skills and the ability to recognise hostile influence activities are strengthened among all population groups.

We address problems in a timely manner and with determination, in accordance with our role. We focus on the enforcement of criminal liability. Accidents and incidents are efficiently prevented. The problems of children and young people identified by the authorities in the Ministry of the Interior’s branch of government are efficiently addressed as early as possible, in cooperation with other authorities, to reduce crime, incidents and accidents of the future. Active strategic communications are used to reduce security and safety issues. The needs and challenges of the various regions and their populations are considered when planning our activities.

We engage in broad-based cooperation. Impactful work is premised on strong partnerships and smooth information-sharing between authorities. We are an active player in international cooperation. This allows us to strengthen the operating conditions of the internal security authorities. We act consistently, responsibly, ethically and interactively.

Joint Strategy for the Ministry of the Interior’s Administrative Branch