Joint Strategy for the Ministry of the Interior’s Administrative Branch aims at ensuring everyone’s safety and security

We all have the right to feel safe — Finland is the safest country in the world

As part of the Ministry's normal strategy work, we prepare a new joint strategy for the Ministry of the Interior’s administrative branch whenever a new government term starts. Preparations for the new strategy are currently underway.

The objectives of the joint strategy were last updated at the beginning of 2022. The updated Joint Strategy responds better to the Government’s security reports, the protracted COVID-19 pandemic and the sustainable development goals. 

The four priorities are:

  1. Ensuring the sense of safety and security is high among all population groups
  2. Keeping people, the environment and property safe
  3. Countering threats to national security and serious incidents
  4. Building a sustainable Finland through migration

The administrative branch strengthens trust through its own actions

Finland is a trust-based society. Police officers, border guards, emergency response centre operators, rescue service personnel and officials of the migration administration maintain a high level of trust in the authorities through their own actions. In accordance with the updated Strategy, we also strive to strengthen trust among people who lack confidence in the authorities. Our goal is to be visible and accessible where we are needed. 

According to the Strategy, we keep people, the environment and property safe so that people’s sense of safety and security remains high. We prevent, detect and investigate crimes effectively and successfully. The aim is that security problems will not build up among the same people, groups or areas. 

We combat threats to national security 

Maintaining internal security is one of the most important responsibilities of central government. Security authorities are of crucial importance to internal security in the event of crimes, accidents and incidents. Our goal is to anticipate, detect and combat threats to national security. We are prepared for incidents and emergencies alike. We ensure the security and inviolability of our national borders.

In accordance with the Strategy, we promote the vitality of society through an open, inclusive and proactive migration policy. This will promote good relations between population groups, reduce polarisation and prevent the emergence of a parallel society associated with unauthorised stay. We combat climate change and reduce our carbon footprint in line with the Government’s sustainable development goals.

Committed personnel and active cooperation help to achieve the objectives of the Strategy 

The implementation of the Strategy can succeed only if the Ministry and its administrative branch have skilled and committed staff who thrive in their work. We are a responsible employer. We manage our staff inclusively and responsibly and promote diversity of staff.
Maintaining internal security requires active EU and international activities. Terrorism, international crime and uncontrolled migration are best prevented in cooperation with other EU and international actors. 

The implementation of the updated Joint Strategy in January 2022 begun as part of the performance guidance process of the administrative branch. Alongside the internal implementation work within the administrative branch, we have set up a support network consisting of parties outside the administrative branch. Its objective is to use a cross-administrative approach to support strategy work and the achievement of the objectives of the Ministry of the Interior’s branch of government. 

Joint strategy for the Ministry of the Interior’s administrative branch