Government Report on Internal Security

On Thursday 20 May, the Government adopted the Report on Internal Security and submitted it to Parliament for consideration. The Report and Parliament's position will define Finland's internal security policy for the coming years. 

The Report on Internal Security assesses the state of internal security in Finland and the national and global drivers of change affecting it, and it defines the internal security objectives and the direction of development until 2030. 

The Report on Internal Security aims to ensure the further development of internal security so that Finland will be an even safer country for all people and population groups in the future.

Various ministries and authorities were involved in the preparation of the Report and other parties were widely consulted. The Government Report on Finnish Foreign and Security Policy and the Government Defence Policy Report that is currently being prepared were also taken into account in the preparation.

During the parliamentary proceedings, the Ministry of the Interior will start preparing the implementation of the Report and a monitoring model. As with the preparation of the Report, this will be done through extensive cooperation with stakeholders. The Report affects the joint strategy for the Ministry of the Interior’s administrative branch, which will be updated in autumn 2021, as well as all the further work of internal security actors in the Government and elsewhere in society. The final guidelines for the future will be made only after the parliamentary proceedings have ended.

Government Report on Internal Security

Abstract of the Report in easy-to-read language
Abstract of the Report in sign language