Government Programme measures to reform border security

The Government Programme aims to ensure Finland's border security in all situations. Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and other changes in the security environment require that border security be further strengthened.

The powers of the Border Guard will be developed in accordance with the requirements of the security environment. Sufficient resources, equipment and technology will be provided to the Border Guard. The Government will lay down provisions allowing the Border Guard to use technology more extensively when maintaining border security and will develop the regulation of technical surveillance.

The experiences of the pilot phase will be taken into account in the construction of the fence on the eastern border. The fence will be built as quickly as appropriate.

The aim is that public authorities have sufficient resources to combat hybrid influence activities. If necessary, the Government is prepared to exercise all its powers under the law in situations that seriously endanger border security.

Schedule and objectives for border security measures

This table presents the Government’s key projects on border security, their schedule and objectives.

Measure Schedule Objective
Use of technology in maintaining border security The Government proposal was submitted to Parliament on 18 April 2024 and it is to be discussed in connection with the supplementary budget for 2024. The acts are scheduled to enter into force on 1 July 2024. Increase the use of modern technology in border control and the maintenance of border security.
Review of the Act on Crime Prevention by the Border Guard Government proposal to Parliament in autumn 2024. Improve the conditions for combating offences investigated by the Border Guard.
Securing the human resources of the Border Guard The acts were adopted on 17 May 2024, entry into force 15 June 2024. Safeguard the operational capacity of the Border Guard and make flexible use of human resources in the event of incidents under normal conditions.
Review of powers of the Border Guard at the internal borders of the Schengen area Study to be completed in August 2024, after which further measures to be decided. Where necessary, increase the powers of the Border Guard at internal borders in accordance with the practices of other EU Member States.
Combating instrumentalised migration and strengthening border security Government proposal submitted to Parliament on 21 May 2024. Strengthen border security and effectively combat any attempts to exert pressure on Finland through instrumentalised migration.