Civilian assistance sent from Finland to Ukraine and neighbouring regions 

A highly exceptional aid operation is underway in Europe. Extensive amounts of assistance have been sent to Ukraine and neighbouring countries through the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism. The European Commission is preparing for a long-term crisis and aid needs. The Department for Rescue Services of the Ministry of the Interior is responsible for coordinating the civilian assistance provided by the Finnish Government to Ukraine through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

Civilian assistance sent from Finland


  • March
    a wide range of hospital supplies, including patient beds, surgical lamps, wheelchairs and medical ovens.
  • February
    an ambulance, electrical grid components and various other energy sector supplies. 
  • January
    various healthcare supplies (incl. operating tables, patient beds and medical ovens) and a reserve water tank.


  • December
    healthcare supplies (such as hospital supplies and infusion pumps), energy sector supplies (such as transformers, generators and relays) and 70,000 food packages.

  • November
    energy sector supplies (such as transformers, back-up generators and protection relays), healthcare supplies (such as hospital supplies, operating tables and ultrasound equipment), various firefighting supplies and firefighting foam concentrates as well as vehicles.

  • October
    a large shipment of school furniture, nine rescue vehicles and energy sector supplies, such as generators, transformers and protection relays
  • September
    Items of energy equipment (such as generators, transformers and electric motors), vehicles (a tanker truck, three buses, and an elevating platform truck), IT supplies, and equipment collected through the Laptops for Ukraine campaign (such as laptops, mobile phones and monitors, a total of 676)
  • August
    a large amount of material related to water treatment, heating stations and a fire engine
  • June
    firefighting equipment, hospital supplies, generators and school furniture. To respond to the need for assistance arising from the destruction of the Kakhovka dam, food packages, water purification supplies and temporary accommodation were also sent to Ukraine. 
  • May
    maternity packages, generators and rescue service supplies as well as a wide range of healthcare supplies, such as patient monitors and incubators for premature infants
  • April
    various items of energy equipment, healthcare supplies and two buses
  • March
    77 transformers, two mobile heat and steam generators, large-scale generators and their spare parts, a solar power system and various other items of energy equipment, maternity packages, winter clothes, healthcare supplies, school furniture, a bus, an ambulance and an ambulance simulator
  • February
    several large back-up generators, UPS units, transformers, one mobile heat and steam generator, three fire engines and one tanker truck, two temperature controlled vehicles, fire suits and 500 maternity packages
  • January
    buses, energy equipment, personal protective equipment and medical supplies


  • 30 December
    six ambulances
  • 22 December
    a truck delivery of supply transformers to support Ukraine’s energy supply
  • 19–20 December
    four trucks containing hospital supplies, rescue services supplies, water purification materials and small-sized generators
  • 7 December
    five buses to be used to transport children and young people to school. Finland will send more busses to Ukraine at the end of the year.
  • 24 November
    components of the electricity grid, such as current transformers, circuit breakers and relays
  • October–November
    back-up generators and personal protective equipment
  • August–September
    civil defence equipment, hospital supplies and scanning equipment
  • 2 August
    rescue service supplies, such as stretchers, defibrillators, first-aid kits and protective equipment
  • 8 July
    medical supplies and radiation safety equipment
  • 16 May
    medicines and medical supplies
  • 14 April
    two ambulances and rescue service supplies to Ukraine and medical supplies to Moldova as well as a donation of medicinal products to Ukraine
  • 5 April 
    two ambulances, rescue service supplies and protective overalls
  • 26 March 
    one ambulance
  • 25 March 
    rescue service supplies and equipment
  • 24 March 
    medical supplies and dosimeters
  • 23 March 
    two ambulances
  • 23 March 
    Three new experts to Moldova. The new experts replace the experts who started their work on 4 March based on the principle of rotation.  
  • 19 March 
    two ambulances 
  • 18 March 
    four ambulances 
  • 15 March 
    two fire engines 
  • 14 March 
    An expert from the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority was sent to Brussels for situation awareness tasks related to radiation and nuclear issues. 
  •  4 March, 7 March, 8 March and 11 March 
    Medical personal protective equipment and medical supplies. The package included donations from municipalities and purchases by the National Emergency Supply Agency. 
  •  4 March 
    The first three experts were sent to Moldova. The experts help coordinate the humanitarian assistance needed by people fleeing Ukraine.
  • 3 March 
    A material assistance package was sent to Moldova. The shipment included emergency accommodation for 5,000 people, a field kitchen, two shower tents and five multi-purpose tents. 
  • 1–2 March
    The first package of material assistance was sent to Ukraine. The shipment included emergency accommodation for 5,000 people and medical personal protective equipment.