Civilian crisis management agencies and responsibilities

The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for maintaining, further developing and coordinating national civilian crisis management capabilities. Key national capabilities to increase Finland's visibility and participation in international missions include recruitment and a sufficient reserve of experts.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is responsible for the political guidance of civilian crisis management. It also selects the missions in which Finland participates and decides how many experts are seconded to operations.

The Crisis Management Centre (CMC Finland), which operates under the Ministry of the Interior, is responsible for all operational tasks relating to national capabilities. Its main duties are:

  • to recruit and train experts for civilian crisis management and peacebuilding missions
  • to manage human resources during the missions
  • to maintain logistical and material capacity
  • to conduct research in its field.

The Ministry of the Interior coordinates civilian crisis management capabilities between different administrative branches in Finland. In addition to CMC Finland, its partners in civilian crisis management include the Police, Border Guard, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defence, and NGOs.