Laptops for Ukraine campaign

The Europe-wide Laptops for Ukraine campaign is being utilised to collect ICT devices and give them a new life, for example, in the hands of a Ukrainian schoolchildren, teachers or nurses.

The attacks on Ukraine's critical infrastructure and the prolonged war have also brought challenges to maintaining IT connections. The campaign will allow different actors to participate in supporting Ukraine in a coordinated manner.

We launched the Laptops for Ukraine campaign in Finland on a fixed-term basis in spring 2023. As a result, hundreds of IT devices were delivered to Ukraine through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. In December 2023, we made a decision to relaunch the campaign. This time, no end date has been determined for the campaign, as there is a huge and continuous need in Ukraine.

In Finland, the campaign is run by the Ministry of the Interior in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Confederation of Finnish Industries, Technology Industries of Finland and the Partnership Network of Finnish Rescue Services. 

The proceeds of the campaign will be sent to Ukraine, under the coordination of the Ministry of the Interior, through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. The assistance will be targeted by the competent Ukrainian authority to where the need is greatest.

What and when can I donate?

The following devices are collected within the framework of the campaign:

  • laptops
  • tablets
  • smartphones 
  • screens
  • chargers

Laptops can be Windows/Mac/Linux devices. Other devices may be Android or iOS.
The devices to be donated must be fully functional, intact and otherwise suitable for donation. Batteries must be in good condition. The aim is for all devices to also come with a working charger suitable for the device.

The campaign is in progress for the time being. 

I would like to donate, what do I do?

  1. Collect the devices to be donated together (e.g. by company/workplace). 
  2. Delete all personal data from the equipment. The party donating the equipment is responsible for deleting the data. 
  3. Check that the equipment is clean. 
  4. Turn off the equipment.
  5. Pack the equipment in such a way that it can be transported. If possible, it would be best to pack the equipment in its original packaging.
  6. Label and record the devices in the attached donation list. 
  7. Send the list by e-mail to [email protected]
  8. Once you have sent the list, you will receive further instructions on how to deliver the equipment. 

Where can I take the devices to hand them over?

Depending on the size of the donation, either the Partnership Network of Finnish Rescue Services or commercial operators will be used in transport arrangements. In the case of smaller donations, the donor takes the equipment to their nearest rescue department, from where these will be transported to an intermediate storage facility in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. In the case of larger donations, it will also be possible to arrange transport directly from the donor's premises to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. When an appropriate quantity has been accumulated for transport, the equipment will be transported to Ukraine within the framework of the Civil Protection Mechanism.

Who can I contact to ask for more information?

If you have any questions, please contact the Ministry of the Interior Department of Rescue Services , which coordinates the material assistance sent through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism ([email protected]; Laura Haussalo, Senior Specialist, +358 50 399 9420 & Heikki Honkanen, Specialist, +358 50 526 9253.

Donation list | excel