Recruitment and training of experts

The Crisis Management Centre (CMC Finland) is responsible for the recruitment and training of Finnish experts for international civilian crisis management missions. The purpose of the recruitment process is to find the most suitable Finnish candidates for positions in given missions – even at short notice.

A list of positions for which Finland seeks to nominate a candidate is published on the CMC Finland website. Finnish candidates who are selected for a mission are appointed by CMC Finland to a fixed-term employment relationship subject to public law.

The level of pay is determined based on the complexity of the tasks involved. The pay for each job grade and compensation for conditions by country and mission are specified in the Ministry of the Interior Decree on the Terms and Conditions of the Employment Relationships of Civilian Personnel Participating in Crisis Management.


Candidates for civilian crisis management missions are required to complete a basic training course in civilian crisis management or to demonstrate equivalent knowledge and skills.

Course applicants must have an educational and professional background suitable for expert positions. They must be proficient in English. They must also be physically and mentally in good health and capable of working in a multicultural environment. Proficiency in French is required for most operations in Africa.

All Finnish experts receive pre-deployment training organised by CMC Finland.

CMC Finland also organises specialised training to further develop the expertise of civilian experts in crisis management.