Ministry of the Interior, an expert organisation

The Ministry of the Interior's work has relevance for society. For employees, the Ministry provides a vantage point for examining internal security. 

Our motivated and competent employees work to ensure that Finland is safe and secure in all situations.

What are our duties?

We have three main duties: drafting laws, directing and guiding the Ministry of the Interior’s agencies, and dealing with international and EU affairs falling within the Ministry's mandate.

Who are we?

There are 270 of us at the Ministry of the Interior. Around 240 people work at the Ministry and 30 at the Crisis Management Centre operating under the Ministry.

The Ministry directs and guides a large administrative branch which employs 15,700 internal security professionals in the police, the Border Guard, the Emergency Response Centre Agency, the Finnish Security and Intelligence Service, the Emergency Services Academy Finland, and the Finnish Immigration Service.

270 employees at the Ministry, 15 700 in the administrative branch.

There are more women than men working for the Ministry of the Interior. The age structure of the Ministry’s workforce is diverse, ranging from those who have entered the job market only recently to those who already have a long career behind them.

Most of the ministry employees work in various specialist roles related to law drafting, internal security, migration, finances and administration. 14 per cent work in secretarial and support roles.
87 per cent of the ministry employees have a university degree, most commonly in social sciences (political sciences, law, and economics and business administration).

73% in specialist roles, 14% in secretarial and support roles, 11% in management, 2% in traineeship.

We enjoy our work

The Ministry of the Interior carries out an annual job satisfaction survey. According to the survey results, the ministry employees enjoy a higher level of job satisfaction than central government employees in general.

I rate my wellbeing at work at 8,24 (on scale from 4 to 10).

The survey also highlights knowledge the Ministry's values – open and straightforward, fair and reliable, and strong together – as one of the employee strengths. The ministry employees find their work interesting and challenging, and know the objectives of their work.

I know my organisation's values 4,47 (on a scale from 1 to 5), I think my work is interesting and challenging 4,35 and I know the objectives of my work4,35.