Finland to send wildfire preparedness expert to Czechia

1.3.2024 13.54
Esa Ikäheimo
Czechia has requested assistance in preparing for wildfires through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. Finland responds to the request by sending a risk management expert to join the EU’s international team in the country. 

Requirements for permanent residence permits to be tightened

1.3.2024 12.58
The Ministry of the Interior has set up a project to prepare tightening of the requirements for a permanent residence permit in accordance with the Government Programme. The Government proposal will be submitted to Parliament in the spring session of 2025.

Emergency material assistance supplied to Ukraine for two years

23.2.2024 13.52
The second anniversary of the beginning of the Russia’s brutal war of aggression against Ukraine in its entirety will be this week on 24 February 2024. However, one anniversary was already observed last week on 15 February, when it had been exactly two years since the activation of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism following Ukraine’s request for assistance.

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