Thousands of people who fled Ukraine may secure a municipality of residence from March

3.2.2023 10.30
More than 45,000 people who fled Ukraine last year may be eligible for a municipality of residence in 2023 after residing in Finland for one year, with about 13,000 already satisfying the qualifying period of residence in March–April. On registering a municipality of residence, they will leave the reception services system and become clients of municipalities and wellbeing services counties. This will make them a more integrated part of society in Finland.

Additional funding proposed for prevention of youth crime and for training in civil defence and individual emergency planning

2.2.2023 14.57
In the first supplementary budget proposal for 2023, the Government proposes an increase of EUR 6.9 million for the administrative branch of the Ministry of the Interior. A total of EUR 2.477 million is proposed for the police to prevent and combat youth crime. EUR 1.037 million is proposed for strengthening multi-professional and preventive Anchor work by the police. In addition, the Government proposes an increase of 1.44 million to enhance the investigation of youth crime, particularly in the largest cities (Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, Turku).

US. Department of Homeland Security and Finnish Ministry of the Interior enhance internal security cooperation

1.2.2023 20.54
Suomen ja USAn lippu.
On January 31, 2023, Deputy Secretary for Homeland Security John K. Tien and Krista Mikkonen, Minister of Interior of Finland, and their respective delegations met in Washington, D.C.

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