Safeguarding the activities of shooting ranges

The Government Programme aims to safeguard the activities of Finland’s shooting ranges and promote the establishment of new shooting ranges. The Ministry of the Interior has set up a project to examine ways to safeguard the activities of shooting ranges, , to prepare and implement the necessary legislative amendments and to streamline environmental permit processes.

The Government Programme seeks to increase the number of shooting ranges in Finland to 1,000 by the end of the decade. The focus will be on establishing a sufficient number of rifle and tactical ranges throughout the country.

The project will

  • make an international comparison of the legislation and environmental permit processes in use in Finland’s reference countries in the EU 
  • propose measures to safeguard the activities of existing shooting ranges and to promote the establishment of new shooting ranges
  • put forward proposals for streamlining the environmental permit processes
  • assess and implement legislative amendments deemed necessary.

The project will consider regional needs and the needs of different user groups, such as public authorities and national defence, reservist, sport shooting and hunting organisations.

Progress made and next steps

The project will run from 1 June 2024 to 30 September 2025.

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