Oversight of legality at agencies within the Ministry’s branch of government

The agencies within the Ministry of the Interior’s branch of government bear the main responsibility for practical oversight activities and the handling of matters related to the oversight of legality.

The Ministry of the Interior only handles individual administrative complaints concerning its branch of government for special reasons. Such reasons may arise from the nature of the matter. Possible reasons include the position held by the public official whom the complaint concerns, disqualification, structural reasons related to the authorities’ activities, the need to provide guidance in a specific area of responsibility, or legislative issues.

National Police Board

The Advisory Staff of the National Police Board is responsible for the oversight of legality at the National Police Board. The website of the police provides information on the submission of complaints on the operations of the police and on the procedure to be followed if a police officer is suspected of having committed an offence. The police website also has an electronic form for sending feedback.

Internal supervision
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Finnish Immigration Service

The Legal Service and Country Information Unit coordinates the oversight of legality within the Finnish Immigration Service.

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Finnish Border Guard

The Headquarters of the Finnish Border Guard and its Legal Division are responsible for the oversight of legality within the Finnish Border Guard.

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