Operations and finances

The appropriations for the administrative branch of the Ministry of the Interior in the state budget for 2024 are approximately EUR 2.6 billion. 

Total expenditure for the administrative branch EUR 2,574 million.

The ministry directs a wide administrative branch employing 15,700 internal security professionals in the police, the Security Intelligence Service, the Border Guard, the Emergency Services Academy Finland, the Emergency Response Centre Agency and the Finnish Immigration Service.
The largest employers are the police with around 10,400 and the Border Guard with around 3,000 person-years. Approximately 270 people work in the Ministry of the Interior and the Crisis Management Centre Finland operating under the Ministry.

Total personnel years in the administrative sector 16,396: MOI and CMC 272, Police 10 402, Security Intelligence Service 555, Border Guard 3 000, Emergency Services Academy 127, ERC Agency 630, Immigration Service 1 410.

Operational and financial planning is an ongoing process

The ministry’s activities are guided by the Government Programme and the group strategy of the Ministry of the Interior’s administrative branch, which defines the social effectiveness objectives of the ministry and the administrative branch.

The operational and financial planning of the administrative branch of the Ministry of the Interior is based on 

  • the four-year General Government Fiscal Plan (JTS),
  • annual budgets, and
  • annual performance agreements between the ministry and the agencies of the administrative branch.    

The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for operational and financial planning in its administrative branch, the preparation of the budget proposal and the implementation and application of the budget. The ministry’s operations are based on the budget and supplementary budgets decided by Parliament. 

In the administrative branch of the Ministry of the Interior, strategic foresight has been closely linked to performance management so that the information produced by foresight is utilised at all stages of operational and financial planning.

Operating environment + foresight > Operational planning > Financial planning.

The operational and financial plan presents the focus areas and objectives of the operations of the administrative branch, as well as the expenditure calculations for four years ahead.

The annual performance targets are agreed in performance agreements between the ministry and the agencies.

The financial statements assess the effectiveness of the administrative branch’s operations.

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