Ministry of the Interior

Ministry of the Interior’s office building on Kirkkokatu.

The Ministry of the Interior forms part of the Government.

The Ministry of the Interior is the ministry for internal security. The Ministry’s vision is a safe and secure society in all situations.

Under the Government Rules of Procedure, the Ministry of the Interior is responsible for:

  • public order and security, police administration and the private security sector
  • general preconditions for migration and regulation of migration, with the exception of labour migration, as well as international protection and return migration 
  • Finnish citizenship
  • rescue services
  • emergency response centre operations
  • border security and maritime search and rescue services
  • national capabilities for civilian crisis management
  • joint preparedness of regional authorities for incidents and emergencies.

The Ministry’s three key duties are:

  • preparing legislation within its mandate
  • managing the performance of agencies within the Ministry’s branch of government
  • dealing with international and EU affairs that fall within its remit.

The Ministry's activities are guided by the following values:

  • transparent and straightforward
  • fair-minded and trustworthy
  • strong together.