Research supports the achievement of objectives

In the Ministry of the Interior's branch of government, research helps the Ministry and agencies to achieve their objectives. Most research is conducted in the agencies within the branch of government. These include the National Police Board, the Finnish Security Intelligence Service, the Finnish Immigration Service, the Finnish Border Guard, the Emergency Response Centre Administration, the Emergency Services College and the Crisis Management Centre Finland (CMC Finland).

The Ministry does not actually conduct research but, through its leadership, supports cooperation between agencies. Research topics often deal with the work of multiple authorities and cross administrative boundaries. Agencies conduct research and innovation work requiring special expertise on the branch of government and material and knowledge related to the subject matter in question.

In practice, depending on the goals, projects are carried out by an agency within the branch of government, or a department or unit of the Ministry of the Interior. The key competencies of universities and universities of applied sciences are deployed in support of the special expertise available in the branch of government. The Ministry also seeks to strengthen cooperation with companies. In broader terms, development and innovation activities are also considered part of research activities.

Research forms part of strategic steering and development

Within the Ministry, research issues are coordinated by the Administration and Development Department’s Strategic Steering and Development Unit. This branch of government’s research activities are coordinated by a working group with representatives from the Ministry’s departments, units and agencies subordinate to the Ministry.

The Ministry’s research and development appropriation is used, in particular, to fund research, development and study projects that support planning, foresight, monitoring and impact assessment activities concerning policy measures and legislation. Between two and four strategic projects receive funding each year.

The task of the working group of the Ministry of the Interior coordinating research activities is to develop the Ministry’s common research and innovation policy and act as the coordinating organisation of the Ministry of the Interior's branch of government in preparing research projects, and in the implementation and distribution of research data.

Extensive national development work

The Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities

The Prime Minister’s Office approves an analysis, assessment and research activity plan every year. The plan is drawn up in cooperation with a number of ministries and is used to steer studies and research in specific priority areas selected by the Government. Since 2014, a separate appropriation has been available for analysis, assessment and research activities that support Government decision-making. For more information on projects for which the Ministry of the Interior is responsible, see

Strategic Research Council

The Strategic Research Council operates under the auspices of the Academy of Finland. The Strategic Research Council finances long-term problem-oriented and programme-based research that creates solutions to the major challenges facing Finnish society.

Projects to be funded are selected on the basis of their societal relevance, impact and scientific quality. The Government decides on the main themes of research programmes each year. The goal of the Ministry of the Interior is to monitor and participate in topical strategic research projects.

International research collaboration

The Ministry also actively participates in the committees of the EU’s 8th Framework Programme for Research, Horizon 2020 on Secure Societies. Key topics of the Programme include fighting crime and terrorism, cyber-security, border management, civilian crisis management and developing the resilience of rescue services and society.

In addition, the Ministry of the Interior promotes bilateral research opportunities alongside a number of countries, based on the relevant topics.

Inquiries on research

Harri Martikainen, Director of Strategic Steering and Development, tel. +358 295 488 512

For further information on financing instruments related to the research topics (for instance Horizon 2020) of the Ministry of the Interior and its branch of government, please contact: [email protected]