Finland's objectives for civilian crisis management

Finland's participation in civilian crisis management is guided by the National Strategy for Civilian Crisis Management of 2014 and the Act on the Participation of Civilian Personnel in Crisis Management, amended as of 1 January 2019. .

We promote coordinated civilian crisis management operations that are conducted by experts, based on respect for human rights and the principles of democracy, equality and non-discrimination, and aimed at promoting peace, stability and sustainable development in accordance with the rule of law.

120 experts serve in operations every year

There are constantly about 120 Finnish experts serving in civilian crisis management duties in the operations or the secretariats of the EU, the UN, the OSCE, the Council of Europe, NATO or other international operators.

Those to be deployed are experts in different fields such as police, judicial administration, border management, customs, enforcement of criminal sanctions, human rights issues, international politics and operational support functions. The experts perform a range of duties including management, advice, observation and training.

Approximately half of the seconded experts are women. We contribute to civilian crisis management in compliance with the objectives of UN Resolution 1325 and subsequent resolutions on Women, Peace and Security.