EU home affairs ministers discuss asylum system reform and prevention of radicalisation

Ministry of the Interior 6.6.2017 9.50
Press release 56/2017
EU home affairs ministers discuss asylum system reform and prevention of radicalisation

Minister of the Interior Paula Risikko will attend the meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs Council in Luxembourg on 8–9 June. The topics on the agenda include the common European asylum system, return policy and prevention of violent radicalisation and extremism.

On 8 June, justice and home affairs ministers will hold a joint session and discuss the protection of children in migration. The joint session is to adopt conclusions which focus on the comprehensive protection of children, the vulnerability of unaccompanied minor asylum seekers and the root causes of migration with the aim of preventing children from taking these dangerous journeys.

On 9 June, home affairs ministers will discuss, among other things, progress on the reform of the common European asylum system, the Schengen Information System and return policy.

"The return of asylum seekers whose application is refused is part of asylum policy across the EU. To combat illegal migration, it is essential that legislation on returns is applied consistently and returns are carried out effectively in all Member States", Minister Risikko says.

The ministers will also discuss further development of the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN).

"By further developing the Radicalisation Awareness Network and combining other EU counter-terrorism actions, it is possible to enhance the effectiveness of the actions and eliminate overlap. It is however important that we maintain the good practices — agility, flexibility and rapid reaction. For small countries such as Finland, the RAN’s practical working methods are extremely valuable," the Minister stresses.

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