Veikkaus issues new limitations intended to prevent problems associated with gambling

Ministry of the Interior 11.12.2017 9.44 | Published in English on 11.12.2017 at 16.37
Press release 132/2017
Veikkaus issues new limitations intended to prevent problems associated with gambling

Players will be able to have only one game account for the online betting games offered by Veikkaus Oy. The online casino accounts and other online betting game accounts that Veikkaus has opened to its players will be combined into a single game account. This game account will be applied to all online betting games made available by Veikkaus. In connection with this, the gaming limitations set for online gaming will also be harmonised. A degree issued by the Ministry of the Interior on the limitations will enter into force on 12 December.

Players must set limits for the transfer of money and losses

Players must set a daily and monthly limit for themselves for the transfer of money, which cannot be exceeded. Players may change the limits that they have set, but a change that entails a higher limit will become effective only on the following or at the beginning of the next month. A lower limit will become effective immediately. Limits for money transfers are a new means of preventing problems associated with gambling. Players will not be able to transfer money to their account between 24:00 and 6:00.

With regard to games that take place at a fast rate, players must also set a limit for daily and monthly losses. However, a daily limit may not exceed 1,000 euros and a monthly limit 2,000 euros. Such fast-rate games include eBingo, Syke, Pore, Matkapeli, eArvat, and online slot machines and casino games. The old games of Finland’s Slot Machine Association (RAY) already have a limit for losses in place, and now this practice will be extended to cover other fast-rate games.

The opportunity to issue a ban specific to a game is extended

Players may set for themselves a ban specific to a game or a group of games. Players may also prevent themselves from gaming until the end of the next day by pressing a button known as the panic button. Previously, such means were only available to certain games.

The decree will implement a time reminder which will be applied to all games and which will pop up on the screen at least at one-hour intervals.

The background to the harmonisation was the merger of gaming companies and a need to prevent problems

The decision to introduce a single gaming account was taken following the merger of the previous three gaming companies that took place at the beginning of 2017. The games offered by Finland’s Slot Machine Association and Veikkaus involving a game account also had mutually conflicting limitations. The limitations seek to prevent problems associated with gambling.


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