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EU home affairs ministers discuss opening of the EU's internal and external borders at an informal meeting

Ministry of the Interior 4.6.2020 14.33 | Published in English on 5.6.2020 at 13.10
Press release 56/2020
Maria Ohisalo.

Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo will attend a video conference of the EU home affairs ministers on 5 June. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ministers will discuss lifting internal border controls and restoring free movement.

Finland welcomes the Commission's proposal to gradually open the EU’s internal and external borders and to harmonise measures within the EU. 

“Cooperation and discussion between Member States is important when we consider lifting restrictions. However, each Member State will ultimately make its own decisions on the restrictions to tackle the threat caused by the pandemic. Finland will make decisions on border traffic restrictions next week on the basis of an updated situation assessment by the health authorities,” says Minister Ohisalo.

The Government will decide next week on the continuation of the restrictions on border traffic that are currently in force in Finland until 14 June.


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