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Jarno Lappalainen appointed as Special Adviser to Minister Ohisalo

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 16.9.2019 14.59 | Published in English on 17.9.2019 at 9.16
Press release 65/2019

Jarno Lappalainen took office as Special Adviser to Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo on 16 September 2019. He has previously served as Special Adviser to Foreign Minister Haavisto. Lappalainen is now in charge of the communications and media relations of the Minister of the Interior and of coordinating the communications of the ministerial group of the Green Party.

Ville Hulkkonen (Master of Social Sciences), Sami Kerman (Master of Science (Technology)), Emilia Laaksonen (Master of Laws), and Jussi Pyykkönen (Master of Social Sciences) will all stay on as Special Advisers on the Minister’s staff. Ville Hulkkonen acts as Secretary of the ministerial group of the Green Party, while Jussi Pyykkönen works as its Special Adviser in economic affairs.

Jarno Lappalainen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology. His previous posts include Communications Coordinator and Project Manager of the Green Party.


Jarno Lappalainen, Special Adviser, tel. +358 40 053 6973, [email protected]