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Milja Henttonen appointed Special Adviser to Minister of the Interior Ohisalo

Ministry of the Interior
26.4.2021 11.56 | Published in English on 26.4.2021 at 15.54
Press release 49/2021

Milja Henttonen, Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, has taken office as Special Adviser to Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo. Henttonen is now in charge of the communications and media relations of the Minister of the Interior and of coordinating the communications of the ministerial group of the Greens.

Henttonen transferred to the post from Drama Queen Communications, a marketing communications agency, where she worked as Communications Strategist. She has previously served as Social Media Manager, and Secretary General of the Federation of Green Youth and Students.

Sameli Sivonen, who has held the post until now, will take up a new post at the Green League.

Jarno Lappalainen (Bachelor of Science, Technology), Sami Kerman (Master of Science, Technology), Heikki Sairanen (Bachelor of Science, Technology) and Tiina Kivinen will all stay on as special advisers on the Minister’s staff.

Contact details:
Milja Henttonen, Special Adviser, tel. +358 50 599 3094, [email protected]