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Ministry of the Interior invites Ukrainians who have come to Finland to tell about their situation

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 15.6.2022 11.30
News item

The Finnish Government wants to better meet the needs of those who have fled Ukraine. Together with other ministries, the Ministry of the Interior is mapping the situation of Ukrainians who have come to Finland and their need for various services. This is being done by means of an online survey.

Respondents are asked to share, among other things, factors influencing their arrival in Finland, as well as their experiences and needs related to work and studies. In addition, respondents are asked for their current thoughts on returning to Ukraine or staying in Finland.

It is clear that the future plans of many Ukrainians are currently up in the air and will depend, in particular, on the development of the war in Ukraine. However, even preliminary estimates are useful. The more responses are received, the better the Finnish authorities will be able to anticipate the need for, for example, early childhood education and school places or employment services.

Not only the Ministry of the Interior but also the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Finnish Immigration Service have participated in the drafting of the questionnaire.

The survey deepens the information obtained from workshops

In May, the Ministry of the Interior organised three workshops in reception centres to deepen the understanding of Ukrainian experiences, to map service needs and to identify current problems. The workshops served as a preliminary qualitative study and were attended by 19 Ukrainians. The survey launched now pursues a larger data set.

The Ministry of the Interior primarily communicates about the survey in social media, which is the most important channel for obtaining information for many people who have fled Ukraine. Other parties and individuals are also encouraged to share information about the survey with Ukrainians who have fled to Finland.

The survey will be open until 6 July. The answers will be processed confidentially. The Ministry of the Interior will compile the responses into reports and analyses, which will be used by the ministries and other authorities in the planning of services. The data will be anonymised so that respondents cannot be identified.


Anna Rundgren, Senior Specialist, tel. +358 295 488 324, [email protected]