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Ministry of the Interior and Finnish Red Cross to enhance cooperation in contingency planning and preparedness

Ministry of the Interior 26.4.2018 10.04 | Published in English on 26.4.2018 at 11.06
Press release 43/2018

The Ministry of the Interior and the Finnish Red Cross further strengthened their cooperation by signing a cooperation agreement on contingency planning and preparedness on 26 April.

The Finnish Red Cross plays a significant role in promoting emergency planning by individuals, preventing accidents, and maintaining preparedness related to the protection of the population. The voluntary work of the Finnish Red Cross and cooperation with NGOs coordinated by the Finnish Red Cross are linked to contingency planning and preparedness cooperation. In times of crisis, voluntary work has often been an invaluable help to public authorities.

Ministry of the Interior’s administrative branch and Finnish Red Cross engage in diverse forms of cooperation

The Finnish Red Cross cooperates with the authorities in the Ministry of the Interior’s administrative branch, for example, in handling and preparing for emergency duties, supporting the reception of refugees and asylum seekers and preparing for large-scale influxes of migrants, carrying out maritime search and rescue operations, and providing and receiving international assistance. The Ministry of the Interior and the Finnish Red Cross also share information in times of crises.

The Finnish Red Cross promotes people’s crisis resilience through its own activities and objectives. With this in mind, the organisation draws particular attention to people’s own responsibility for their safety, encourages people to look after themselves better and stresses the importance of prevention and after-care. Emergency planning by individuals and the prevention of everyday security problems are also part of the Ministry of the Interior’s Internal Security Strategy.


Ministry of the Interior: Harri Martikainen, Director of Strategic Steering and Development, tel. +358 295 488 512, [email protected]

Finnish Red Cross: Marita Salo, Director, National Programmes and Organisational Development, tel. +358 20 701 2012, [email protected] &

Leena Kämäräinen, Head of Domestic Disaster Management Unit, tel. +358 20 701 2120, [email protected]