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Finland sends expert and material assistance to Albania to help with earthquake recovery

Emergency Services CollegeMinistry of the Interior 27.9.2019 14.06 | Published in English on 1.10.2019 at 10.57
Press release 73/2019

The Ministry of the Interior has decided to send expert and material assistance to Albania through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism to help with the recovery efforts following earthquakes and floods. Albania has requested international assistance from the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, to which Finland belongs.

Finland will send an expert from the Finn Rescue Team trained in international rescue operations to the EU team. The EU team’s tasks in the region include the coordination, logistics, information management and analysis of international aid. The Emergency Services Academy Finland is the actual employer of the seconded expert.

Finland’s material assistance will contain 48 family tents, 360 blankets and 1,000 sleeping pads. The Albanian authorities have requested material assistance from the EU countries, because the earthquake caused extensive damage and the floods triggered by heavy rainfall have aggravated the situation further.

The earthquakes in Albania have been followed by several aftershocks and floods, which in turn have led to landslides and caused buildings and bridges to collapse.

The assistance will be sent through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism as part of the EU’s joint aid operation. The Ministry of the Interior has cooperated with the National Emergency Supply Agency and the Finnish Red Cross in the procurement and transport of supplies. The European Commission will reimburse 75% of the transport costs.

Finland is an active provider of expert assistance

Multinational rescue efforts, which are based on international treaties and national legislation, are designed to provide aid abroad, or for it to be received in Finland, in the event of natural or human-made disasters and accidents when the affected country lacks adequate resources. Finland is among the most active countries in the EU Civil Protection Mechanism in providing expert assistance.

The Ministry of the Interior decides whether any assistance will be provided. The Emergency Services Academy is responsible for the training, recruitment and logistics of experts and for the practical implementation of international rescue operations.


Pekka Tiainen, Senior specialist, Ministry of the Interior, tel. +358 50 456 4477, [email protected] (material assistance) 

Ville-Veikko Pitkänen, Head of training, Emergency Services Academy Finland, tel. +358 50 439 1846, [email protected] (expert assistance)